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[18+] Pretty Maid Fucked (2022) Hindi NIKSINDIAN Exclusive 1080p | 720p | 480p Download

Download Pretty Maid Fucked NIKSINDIAN Exclusive

Genre: Hot | Drama | Erotic

Quality: 1080p | 720p | 480p

Size: 1.3GB | 850MB | 300MB

Language: Hindi

Release Date: July 05, 2022


Cast: Kamla Bai


Story:  Pervert Saheb has been eyeing his pretty young maid since the day she started working in his home. This morning he saw her beautiful curves when she was cleaning the kitchen and he could not control his urges. The shameless Saheb pulled out his hard cock and flashed it in front of the young maid. The maid screamed in shock “Nahiiii Saheb Ji…” but the shameless man kept flashing it until the shy maid ran away from the kitchen and locked herself in the bedroom. The man then followed her to the bedroom and started persuading her to hold and jerk his cock. The shy maid was scared and did not want to touch Saheb’s cock. After a lot of persuasion, finally, the man offered her some money, and as we all know MONEY TALKS. As soon as the maid saw a few notes of Rs. 500 she started to show her true colors. Not only did her mouth start salivating for money but seems like her tight young pussy also started getting wet looking at her Saheb’s big hard cock. The man gave her a few more notes of Rs. 500 and the pretty maid happily progressed to become his whore for the day and allowed him to enjoy her beautiful young body and fuck her tight pussy for more than an hour. And of course, she swallowed all of her Saheb’s generous Cum load as well in the end.


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Download Pretty Maid Fucked (2022) Hindi NIKSINDIAN Exclusive – 1080p

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